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Why Warhammer Online Failed

warhammer online failed - ea louse

The Age of Reckoning has come. For EA Executives

The tale of the EALouse

A former EA employee, one who has been scorned and angered by the sheer lack of terrible upper management (you know, the kind that fails to understand their own market and try to get promoted over furthering the company), has come out (well anonymously that is) and let loose the inner details and problems with the managers and incompetent supervisors (like EA’s own Jeff Hickman, a man promoted from Customer Service to producer of the $50 million dollar Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning project).

Some notable appearances from famed WAR promoter Paul Barnett:

You know him as the crazy British dude that appears in random videos at EA to promote his latest bullshittery. We know him as the crazy British dude who we have no idea of how he still has a job. This man was supposed to be the savior of Warhammer’s vision and design.

How does such a high-profile game such as Warhammer Online get this far into the mud? Well, speaking from experience, this wasn’t what I would call a great game, but it still had its merits. There are plenty of great ideas and features in this game that were novel and useful when it first came out.

In short, while it sucks major ass to have uninformed managers and bosses with all of the budget at their disposal (and seeing them misuse it unintelligibly), it is still a job. And as a certain God of War creator David Jaffe puts it:

It’s not a fucking art class where everyone gets a chance to ‘show what’s inside them!’…it’s work.

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