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Japanese waterpark

Japanese waterpark

Stereotypes are everywhere nowadays, and they have been for a while. Come to think about it, stereotypes will always be around. As long as people live in different areas, have different ethnicities, religions, genders, cultures, or have any other dividing factor, humans will always believe a stereotype about someone who is different from them.

While most stereotypes can be pretty hate-filled and degrading, some can simply be funny. If you don’t want to be made fun of, don’t make fun of others. But, if you can usually take the return fire after you rip on somebody, and whatever your saying is not extremely unkind, go ahead and mess around with people. My basic rule of thumb for calling people out or chastising someone is as follows: if you make fun of anything besides their personality or actions, the person your talking to better know that you are doing so in jest, not in hatred or prejudice wrath.

With that being said, check out these pictures that show what can only be described as a bunch of regional stereotypes. The theme is only in “blank”.