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Civilization X: A Rant

Modern Civilization

Civil Rights. What a concept!

How can one best define a civilized world? Surely there is a distinct explanation that encompasses all that is needed to partake in a refined society, but ultimately, most ideas would fall flat after debate and criticism. The best account of a state can be analogized with the use of property.

Property, whether it be physical or mental, monetary or real estate, can be quantified. Education, jobs, friendships, family and ideas are all, to a certain extent, types of possession that can be molded into a general object of property. Of course, no amount of property can determine how civilized one person may be.

The true, obscure definition of civilization is the magnitude of control that items of worth hold over people. When one decides to impose barbaric or selfish desires or needs onto someone, they risk losing their property, and thereby are forced to conform to societal and governmental regulations. In the cases where one’s desires overtake their control or appreciation of their worldly property, such as abuse, murder, thievery, or molestation, those whom they trespass against will soon be vindicated, at least in a optimistic world.

In essence, a fairly accurate display of civilized humanity is best described as what someone has to lose against what they have to gain. A citizen with a sense of control is simply a person with the innate ability to bargain their possessions and personal advancement with the weight of their own selfish or immoral wants and narcissistic creation of their own boundaries.

While simply being gravely uneducated or a dire pauper of the streets can lead to bouts of unrefined ideals, the worst type of a savage, inhumane heathen is one who is hypocritical. If any worth is to be interpreted from this sesquipedalian rant of loathe, understand the value of rights. While there is no human alive that does not have a single cell of hypocrisy within their body, some people carry massive insincere cell membranes that dwarf all others.

No where in the idea of an equal, civilized world, does anyone EVER have the right to deny someone else their rights. Never permit priority of personal desires over someones’ own free will. If the limits of self-control are overcome and an individual’s private space is breached, know that the aggressor will pay with remorse, loss of property, and denial of pursuit of unforeseen future property.