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Streets of Rage: Remix

Streets of Rage: Remix


Ahh, the good old day’s of sidescrolling Beat Em Ups, the estranged cousin of Shoot Em Ups. So many genres have been overlooked now that the big titles in video games are mostly RPG’s, FPS’s, and sports games. While the multitude of gamers are devouring the massively-marketed obviously radical playing games (or MMORPGs), fighters, shoot em ups, beat em ups, and puzzle games mostly get ignored. Of course, there are still plenty of games out there that still have gamers coming back for more.

One such game is Streets of Rage. This fan-made Streets of Rage game has splitting paths, new music, new characters, and lots of other cool features. Along with the large amount of great additions comes the full support of gamepads and better graphics. Here is the link, enjoy the game:

Download Streets of Rage: Remix