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Dead Snow: Zombie Nazis come to life. And snowboard.

Dead Snow zombie nazis invade the mountains

Zombies Snowboard. Vampires Ski

A ski vacation for attractive young medical students turns sexy… err deadly, after they discover cursed Nazi treasure. Nothing is free in life – free Nazi treasure comes with a price – zombies.

Ein! Zwei! Die!

The college kids are visited by a strange hiker who tells them fabled history of the mountains that they chose to vacation in. He spoke of he evil Nazi soldiers commanded by Standartenführer Herzog occupied the area during World War Two – and tortured the local people. When it was apparent that Germany was facing defeat to the Allies, the Nazis took all their valuables before attempting to leave the mountains for good.

The citizens ambushed the Nazis, killing most and pushing the rest back into the mountains, where they presumably died from the harsh cold. The hiker left them with his final warning that the area still had an aura of evil about it.

Nazi Treasure in Norway

Note: Mysterious Nazi Treasure is probably cursed

While this may seem like the type of movie that one would call stupid, lame, or even retarded, Dead Snow is actually a very fun movie with a great plot, decent cast, and interesting action sequences.

In some weird way, it is a beautiful evolution of such purposefully campy, fun horror movies like Evil Dead that most fans of that movie series will have no problem finding joy in this film. Whether it be hot, young naked drunk girls getting killed by zombies or scared stupid college kids attacking evil Nazi Zombies head on, there are tons of great scenes that bring joy to a zombie lover’s cold, rotting zombie heart.

Check out the trailer:

Go rent or buy Dead Snow immediately! It is worth seeing!