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New Google Translate update on your Android, now with full conversation mode!

google translate with voice

One day you will be able to order food!

Google has announced that Google Translate, their popular app that makes language barriers almost nonexistent, has received an update to the Android version which makes a pretty hefty step into the future of communication.

Gone are the days of fiddling through translation books looking for the right thing to say or awkwardly uttering words of phrases that you barely understand. Google made it easy in their first version of Translate for the Android by allowing you to convert text on the fly and even speak into the phone and have it translated.

Now you can have full-fledged conversations and let Google Translate do all of the heavy lifting! Using conversation mode Google Translate will now convert any spoken word into text that you can understand, and even help you respond! Genius!

google translate conversation mode

Donde estan mis pantalones? Now we can find them with ease!

While still in its early stages, instantly translated conversation mode on your cell-phone is getting us ever so closer to those devices in Science Fiction movies that translate everything spoken before it even reaches your ears (see: Universal Translator).

Looks like another great reason to pick up an Android.