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Battle: Los Angeles Preview

Battle: Los Angeles' Aaron Eckhart

Battle: Los Angeles' Aaron Eckhart

In a movie channeling some kind of mix between District 9 and Independence Day, Battle: Los Angeles from Sony Pictures looks to be an exciting science fiction action movie with aliens and Aaron Eckhart (who you may remember from The Dark Knight).

Set in modern day with a heavy dose of post-911 fears, a constant barrage of natural disasters, and economic hardships, Battle: Los Angeles seems to hit on every section of today’s current events. The film starts out as a disaster movie, with the military gearing up to prepare for an onslaught of meteorites coming down onto the Pacific Ocean in Southern California.

Only they aren’t meteors. They are spaceships. And aliens.

battle los angeles aliens

Aliens coming for you, and you, and you!

This is where the movie seems to start its switch into a sci-fi movie with allusions to Independence Day, District 9, War of the Worlds, and even video games like Gears of War. Only Battle: Los Angeles looks a little different, and the characters look a little more unique.

This movie appears to have a greater focus on real people, much like District 9 did. It shows average human soldiers fighting against the aliens and trying to deal with all the death around them. There are no super heroes.

There is no one-man killing machine.

battle los angeles carnage over downtown

Carnage over downtown L.A.

The rest of the marines and cast that help Aaron Eckhart take on these freaks from space include Michelle Rodriguez, Bridget Moynahan, Ne-Yo, Michael Peña, Ramon Rodriguez, Claudia Wells (Marty McFly’s freakin girlfriend from Back to the Future!!), Cory Hardrict and tons of others.

With all their help, the aliens don’t stand a chance. Or do they?

Take a look at the film’s intriguing trailer:

The movie Battle: Los Angeles will hit theaters on March 11, 2011. Get excited!!