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Iron Sky: Nazi Moon Colony Invades Earth

Iron Sky Nazis went to the moon

What did they expect to find there?

The Nazi colony on the Moon film that is going to be awesome

Filed under awesome, Iron Sky is a movie about the Nazi colonization of the moon, in an over-the-top plot to build up a force of soldiers and retake the battlefield of Earth (with no relation to the horrific movie Battlefield Earth, starring John Travolta and produced by Tom Cruise).

There is a Nazi colony on dark side of the moon!! What more could you want?

Still not impressed? Read the film’s synopsis:

Towards the end of World War II the staff of SS officer Hans Kammler made a significant breakthrough in anti-gravity.

From a secret base built in the Antarctic, the first Nazi spaceships were launched in late ‘45 to found the military base Schwarze Sonne (Black Sun) on the dark side of the Moon. This base was to build a powerful invasion fleet and return to take over the Earth once the time was right.

Now it’s 2018, the Nazi invasion is on its way and the world is goose-stepping towards its doom.

The Moon Colony Nazi's Return

The Nazi Moon Colony attempt a rush

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And don’t forget to watch the teaser: