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Wicker Man: Best worst movie of the decade

Wicker Man: A movie so epic it will change your life!

Wicker Man Iron Maiden

Actually this is from Iron Maiden

If only the above photo was actually a movie, but alas, it is merely a super awesome cover for an Iron Maiden album. This review is actually about the movie with Nicolas Cage. This will be fun for you.

I have never seen The Wicker Man [edit: I have now but this statement still stands] – I have no idea what the movie is about, or whether or not it would be at all worth seeing. After watching this video, I doubt that I ever want to see this film. Yes, yes, we get it: the bees are in your eyes … jeez.

But seriously, what the heck? What am I watching? I thought this movie was a chick flick, but now that I saw the condensed version I am not so sure what to think. I guess it’s a thriller/horror movie, although it just looked funny to me. Maybe I’ll rent it as a comedy.

Anyways, here is the video depicting The Wicker Man starring Nicolas Cage cut into 2 minutes. Enjoy … or not.