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Know your “classic” cinema: Five more movies you should watch

We’re back once again to make sure that you’ll never again be the only person in your group who totally did not catch that film reference. Wait, that was a film reference?

1. Blade Runner

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

A definitive work of science fiction, Blade Runner has spawned many a debate on “what it means” and “if things are really as they seem”. Based on the book “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” by Philip K. Dick and Directed by Ridley Scott, this movie should pop to the top of your list ASAP.

It’s about a man named Deckard, a blade runner, who has to track down and terminate four replicants who hijacked a ship in space and have returned to earth seeking their maker.

Harrison Ford as Decker delivers an amazing performance, and leaves the audience questioning whether or not he is what he thinks he is. It’s a harrowing dystopian look at a possible future, and we can only hope this isn’t a view that comes true.

2. [REC]

rec film

Experience Fear.

[REC] is a Spanish film, and one of the best horror films to come out in recent years. So good in fact, that it spawned a shot-for-shot remake in English called “Quarantine”. Although, the ending was changed, and the original is far better (both the original ending, and the original film that is). 

[REC] is about a journalist and her cameraman who are recording a night with the fire department, and follow them out on a routine call, unfortunately the night doesn’t turn out so routine. If shaky cam makes you queasy, fear not. [REC] is shot by a professional camera man who just happens to get caught in all of the chaos.

Either way, the logic behind holding up a video camera while under attack works a lot better in this film than it does in others, even the sequel which takes place a day later [REC]2 has a totally logical progression. If you call yourself a horror fan you’ve gotta check this one out.

3. Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now

Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now

The modern American Heart of Darkness. Apocalypse Now is about a soldier, two steps away from being crazy, who is sent deep into Cambodia in order to assassinate a rogue Green Beret who has gone a little bit batty and proclaimed himself a god among men.

Apocalypse Now is an in depth look at logic and sanity, and has some of the most brilliant and iconic scenes in all of cinema. Helicopters flying in to destroy a village to the tune of Ride of the Valkyries anyone? Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you know that scene.

4. The Princess Bride

princess bride fire swamp

Post fire swamp madness

Not by any means just a chick flick. The Princess Bride is full of danger, daring sword fights, and lots of action. It’s also got a giant, a spaniard, and a six-fingered man. If that’s not enough to entice you, perhaps the ROUS’s in the Fire Swamp are more your style? The Princess Bride is right up there with The Goonies in terms of epic adventure.

It’s told in the manner of a grandfather reading to his grandson (Hey, isn’t that the kid from the Wonder years?) who is home sick. The story comes to life in the child’s mind, as we are taken inside to see how it all goes down. Next time you’re sick throw, this in and even if you don’t feel better, you’ll at least be able to check another amazing film off your list.

5. Closer

Closer film

"But it's better if you do."

“Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking off her clothes; but it’s better if you do.” Adapted from a stage play, this film plays mostly on the dialogue exchanges between the characters. It’s almost horrifying the way they abuse and manipulate each other.

This is another film that showcases the more twisted side of humans, and it’s a bit of a downer. However, Natalie Portman, Jude Law, and Clive Owen give amazing performances, and it’s worth it to watch them fall apart on screen.

Hopefully, that’s enough to get you through another week of boredom and watching TV re-runs. Happy viewing!