Eleven great web comics that you should read

Here are some great sites to check out - hopefully you will find some interesting and hilarious web comics!

And Now: Attractive women from romantic comedies that are also clumsy

We've come a long way from the days of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell's romance in "The Seven Year Itch". Now movie producers are looking for ways to wedge romantic plots into anything they can get their hands on - it's no wonder that there have been more romantic comedies in the last five years than all of the other years of film combined!

Know your "classic" cinema: Five more movies you should watch

We're back once again to make sure that you'll never again be the only person in your group who totally did not catch that film reference. Wait, that was a film reference?

Movie conversion rate: Trading your favorite movies with your significant other

We present the ultimate guide to trading movies to watch with your woman - a chart that can tell you exactly what you have to sit through in order to make her watch one of your favorite movies.

Real life Mario Kart star Rémi Gaillard

Everybody likes Mario Kart right? But how many hardcore kart fans out there actually try to live out the unique and groundbreaking video game?

Iron Sky: Nazi Moon Colony Invades Earth

There is a Nazi colony on dark side of the moon!! What more could you want?

Wicker Man: Best worst movie of the decade

What the heck? What am I watching?

Dead Snow: Zombie Nazis come to life. And snowboard.

Nothing is free in life - free Nazi treasure comes with a price - zombies.

Street Fighter: Banaste Edition

The ultimate Street Fighter battle: Edgar versus Fernando. Who will win? Nice.