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Top Movies of the year 2007

Curse of the Golden Flowers

The first movie comes from the Zhang Yimou, a Chinese director known for his artistic and action packed films like Happy Times, Hero, House of Flying Daggers, and Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles. Now he brings his newest movie, Curse of the Golden Flower to America, after a spectacular release in China. This movie is the most expensive Chinese movie to date, and, with a budget of $45 Million, the special effects show.

Release Date: January 12th, 2007:


The next movie is already fairly well known. All that can be said about this movie is that it is based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel about the 300 Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae, 480 B.C., and that it is directed by Zack Snyder, the man who made the decent zombie flick Dawn of the Dead (2004) and will be making a movie based on Tom Clancy’s Rainbox Six series. Besides that, it stars Gerard Butler, who is Beowulf in one of my favorite movies of 2005: Beowulf and Grendel, and was a supporting character in Reign of Fire, so this movie should be pretty good. We are Sparta, indeed.

Release Date: March 9th, 2007:

Smokin’ Aces

Next comes a doozy that takes place in Las Vegas and features about 5 kajillion big names: Jeremy Piven, Ben Affleck, Ryan Reynolds, Common, Jason Bateman, Alicia Keys, Andy Garcia, Vladimir Kulich, Ray Liotta, Christopher Murray, and Boni Yanagisawa. This movie looks like Crank mixed with Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, served with Ocean’s Eleven and a nice helping of dark comedy. When hitmen compete to kill, everybody wins.

Release Date: January 26th, 2007:


Next comes a double-feature with Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez called Grindhouse. The movies included are Tarantino’s Death Proof, which is essentially awesome, and Rodriguez’s Planet Terror, where all you need to know is that a woman has a automatic machine-gun-leg.

Release Date: April 6th, 2007:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The last movie that has made it to this list is the wildcard, the one that may or may not be all that wonderful. I truly hope this movie is done well because I am a huge fan of the show (at least the original), and the movie trilogy made with the help of Jim Henson is still one of my favorite trilogies. Either way, lets hope that they can do a good job of recapturing the thrill of the old television show and old movies.

Release Date: March 23rd, 2007: