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Papercraft Half-Life 2 is amazing and made from 100% recycled materials

Papercraft Half-Life-2 video

Papercraft Half-Life-2 video - Gordon Freeman

Gordon Freeman, the main character in the series Half Life, a high quality video game and excellent First-Person Shooter, is the man.

He can do anything he wants with any weapon he wants. He has access to all sorts of high-tech and lethal devices, yet he chooses to tough things out with an old crowbar.

What a badass.

You would think his badassery would be lost in a format conversion from digital to paper, but you’d be wrong. A YouTube video made by Stepan Yurov proves just that.

Check out his video of Gordon Freeman and the rest of the Half-Life 2 crew in action using only paper!

Papercraft version of the original Half-Life

Once you see that (it’s not to long), take a look at his other papercraft video, which is an elaborate remake of the original Half-Life. Don’t you think that this game should be made into a reality?