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World of Starcraft Trailer by fan is amazing

World of Starcraft preview

World of Starcraft loading screen

For a game that doesn’t even exist yet, World of Starcraft is getting quite the big amount of buzz from the gaming community. We had barely just gotten our hands on this preview trailer created by a solo game developer and fan using just the tools provided by Blizzard and the valuable Starcraft and Warcraft assets that come with them, before our dreams were shot down.

Within a very small window of this trailer’s release, Activision-Blizzard’s lawyers raided out into the realm of law and such and sent a new quest scroll that included a cease and desist letter as one of the rewards for his efforts.

Needless to say, many people wept.

But fret not! Now this World Of Starcraft modder has gotten a job offer from none-other then Riot Games, the creators of free-to-play League Of Legends. Not only did they seem impressed by his work, most of their team is composed of former Blizzard modders themselves. So you can see where the camaraderie is.

Want to see what all the noise is about? Take a look at this fan-made trailer for World of Starcraft: