Top twelve games that will make you get into a fight with your friends

Ever play games with your buddies and end up getting into arguments, disagreements, or even start using verbal abuse and physical attacks? We've compiled a list of our top twelve games that cause rifts between you and your friend.

Top Ten games that let you play as the "bad guy"

Check out our list of the top ten bad guys that you can play as in video games.

Why go to Disneyland? You can go to a Warcraft and StarCraft theme park instead!

The creators of a theme park called Joyland will be building their park in the Wujin district of China ... and adding in StarCraft and Warcraft-inspired sections!

World of Starcraft Trailer by fan is amazing

For a game that doesn't even exist yet, World of Starcraft is getting quite the big amount of buzz from the gaming community. We had barely just gotten our hands on this preview trailer created by a solo game developer and fan using just the tools provided by Blizzard and the valuable Starcraft and Warcraft assets that come with them, before our dreams were shot down.

StarCraft II patch 1.2 live, adds chat and fixes

Today, the developers over at Blizzard announce and released patch 1.2 for StarCraft II, marking several improvements, feature add-ons, and exploit fixes. Among the additions, Blizzard has added chat channels, allowing all players on Battlenet to join chat in public and private channels! StarCraft II players can also now send whispers using the "/w" to instantly talk to friends, party members, chat channels, or other players in their current game.