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Why go to Disneyland? You can go to a Warcraft and StarCraft theme park instead!

warcraft and starcraft theme park

Do you think they'll have a zerg rush of people?

Someone out there decided one day that even though successful franchises like StarCraft and Warcraft are everywhere, they needed to have their own tangible real-life counterpart.

Enter the creators of a theme park called Joyland (not a super imaginative name but I’ll let it slide) who will be building their park in the Wujin district of China – and adding in StarCraft and Warcraft-inspired sections!

Once the park is completed, this may become a destination for hardcore fans, the kind that want to live, touch, and breath Warcraft and StarCraft. Titled ‘Universe of StarCraft’ and ‘Terrain of Warcraft’, it is still unclear whether or not Blizzard supports the endeavor.

Although why wouldn’t they? It’s free advertising and hype and it’s awesome!

If you can read Chinese, or know someone who can, check out their website with a full preview of the Warcraft and StarCraft sections.