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Counter-Strike Videos

Counter Strike: Source

Shoot first!

Here are some interesting videos centered around a game that I play constantly. Some are very funny. Some are really stupid!

Being a Star Wars fan makes me interested in this mod, even though it just looks like a texture and sound mod. Either way, it has grabbed our attention because one of the models is a sand creature, which would be very fun to play with. We like the blue laser/red laser effect, it is very true to the movie.

This video is more than a year old, but it is still funny. Every time we see this one, we think about how strange it would be in real life if a terrorist “blocked” another terrorist from climbing a ladder into a vent. The guy being blocked in this video is hilarious because he gets so angry over a stupid vent. He could have just gone around.

Another older video which we still find funny up to this day would have to be Counter Struck. This features all the sounds and quirks involved in CounterStrike (at least from what we have seen in the last 4 weeks), and we think this video does a great job of capturing the feel and comedy of the game.

This video by “cppl.1337″ is really nothing more than a pathetic showing of how bad of a player he really is. All this video comes down to is just simply a lazy player that uses some form of wall hacks. There may be some bugs that we do not know about that allow this, but it’s doubtful. He is definitely a hacker.

Up next, an all time classic, and still one of our favorite video game videos. FPS Doug from

And last but not least, CS: Riverdance. Michael Flatley wins!