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The four kinds of hackers in video games

four types of hackers video games

A cold-blooded computer hacker

There are four kinds of “hackers”

Hackers are usually considered a bad thing. Or a strange fear left over from 90s hysteria. Hackers are bad mmkay, but let’s not start a witch hunt every time we play video games online!

Either way, there are tons of gamers out there that think every great player in an online multiplayer gaming session is a hacker. Well, we beg to differ.

1: People who look like hackers but are just very good/experienced

hendrix are you experienced

Jimi Hendrix - are you experienced? Well.. are ya?

No matter how hard you try or how long you play a video game, chances are, there is someone out there that has played even longer than you. They have played so many online games that they could tell you every single sniper point and every little patch of area where enemies are exposed to your gunfire.

They are just plain good too. They have played the game so much that they know every little in and out of the game engine, every quirk, every benefit. They know what most players try to do, they can almost guess your next move.

They just outright play better than you.

2: People who got lucky or are having a good session

lucky headshot gaming

The lucky headshot in video games is just that: Lucky

We’ve all had it: That feeling. You are turning well, looking around for cover, shooting at the enemies, winning rounds. You are kicking ass. Most likely, you are having an adrenaline surge, are feeling very positive, or have a high-level of self-esteem.

While this can be attributed to many causes, one thing is certain. Right now, you are doing well.

This doesn’t make you a hacker… so why should it mean someone else is?

3: People who are doing things that are seemingly improbable

improbable rock stacking

Improbable rock stacking. But it is still possible.

Yea, so maybe that guy just jumped off a roof, headshotted you, then threw a grenade into a door and killed your friend, then ran down the street and sniped another person, all without taking any damage.

Just like any other coincidence or lucky occurrence (see #2) weird things have happened in all sorts of online games.

Just be glad that you were there to witness it first hand.

4: People who are doing things that are impossible

wallhacking counter strike

Lame wallhacker in Counter Strike

Okay, so you walked through a double door and got stabbed in the back by a dude you didn’t see? That was probably a camper or just a stealth hunter.

But what if you were still on the other side of the door and was the only guy left on your team vs another single player. And he shot you, through the door without you making any telling noises. He might have been wallhacking (but it’s iffy).

But what if you shot a guy three times in the head, then he disappeared and ended up behind you and stabbed you to death? That is a hacker. Or lag. Who knows.

Basically what we are trying to say is, it is very hard to tell 100% if an online gamer is hacking unless something they did is downright impossible.

In reality, you will probably only ever run into a real bonafide hacker about 1% of the time you spend gaming. If you find that you see them too often, consider changing your online game of choice or looking for a better server (with admins too).

Only the people from #4 are hackers.

But keep in mind there are many things that can contribute to “weird gameplay”.

Now, take some time to look at this sexy hacker: