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NVIDIA announces GeForce GTX 560 Ti – the next step up from the GTX 460

NVIDIA GeForce Logo

NVIDIA GeForce Logo

NVIDIA, one of the leaders of the computer hardware industry, has just kicked video card performance up a notch. Again. Moore’s Law is still intact and stronger then ever!

We bring you news of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti, which will debut at a very reasonable price point of $249. This video card has eight tessellation engines and 384 CUDA cores and produces 33% better performance over the GTX 460.

Considering the fact that the GTX 560 Ti is almost 3.5 times faster then the GeForce 8800 GT, which came out in 2006, NVIDIA is really working hard to keep their spot as the video card leader.

With that in mind, you should expect a dark-matter based NVIDIA card any day now. And it will only cost $200 (and possibly your soul). But it will max Crysis 3, which will be the only thing that matters.

[via NVIDIA]