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New Captain America: The First Avenger movie suit vs classic comic suit

Marvel recently showed off the new version of the Captain America: The First Avenger superhero suit with a few pictures and movie shots, and needless to say, it is very dirty.

While it’s clear that they are going for a more grungy, gritty version of our beloved patriot hero (and who isn’t nowadays – grit is in), this one may be a little overboard.

Chris Evans as Captain America is one thing, but with this new suit, it almost looks like he is in some kind of weird patriotic biker gang. I half expected to see his shield replaced by a red, white, and blue chain link whip.

We have the new suit here:

Captain America new suit

Captain America new suit - gritty and generic

versus the old one here:

Captain America classic suit

Captain America classic suit - cleaner and iconic

Captain America: The First Avenger will come to theaters on July 22, and hopefully by then they replace his suit with a real one – perhaps the movie will fix this costume malfunction by itself, similar to the upgraded armor in Iron Man.