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The Evolution of Duke Nukem Forever Teasers and Trailers: A look back

Duke Nukem Forever game logo

Duke Nukem Forever - ironic name for a game that took this long huh?

For a game that is over ten years in the making, there are three types of popular opinions about Duke Nukem Forever:

  • It will be a mediocre game
  • It will be a good game that was worth the wait
  • It’s been so long that it’s hard to care anymore at this point

When the prodigal game returns to the market with an actual static release date (and none of that shaky “when it’s done” bullshit) , we will finally know what type of game it will be!

It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum .. right?

But for those that don’t know Duke or know what he stands for, it’s hard to really know why the release of Duke Nukem Forever is so important. First, we need a primer on the “lineage” of trailers and teasers that bear the Duke Nukem Forever name.

Here are the major Duke Nukem Forever trailers with not discernible thread of anything aside from being mind-blowing.

The original Duke Nukem trailer from frickin 1998:

The Duke Nukem trailer from 2001:

The Duken Nukem trailer from 2007:

And now the latest in a long line of broken (or rather stalled) promises – the new Duke Nukem Forever trailer:

Will it finally come out? It’s hard to say or even hope. Hope has forsaken these lands.