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Wolfenstein 3D Converted to a 1-Pixel Line

wolfenstein 3d made into 1d

Wolfenstein 3D made into 1D

Wolfenstein 3D, a game said to popularize the first-person shooter genre and the first to feature WWII German baddies, is easy to find. It is available in many forms on many different systems and devices.

The game was originally released on the PC as shareware, but eventually found it’s way to Macintosh computers, Acorn Archimedes, Super NES, Atari Jaguar, Amiga 1200, Game Boy Advance, iPhone, 3DO, Nintendo Wii, Linux, and back onto PC via Valve’s Steam platform.

But it has never been recreated like this before! Now you can play Wolfenstein 3D as it was meant to be played: in 1D!

With all the talk and hubbub about 3D video games, movies, and televisions, it’s refreshing to see someone taking things back into the old school.

Way oldschool. As the game creator puts it:

In 1992, Wolfenstein 3-D revolutionized video games and created the 3D first-person shooter genre. Now, after decades of development, Wolfenstein 3-D has been converted to breathtaking, epoch-making 1-D. You can now play the game in a single, dazzling one-pixel line.

Check it out Wolfenstein in 1D here – and make sure to read the instructions or you’ll be a bit confused.