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Samsung Continues to Lead Android Market by Shipping 2 Million Galaxy Tabs

Samsung Galaxy Tab with Android

Samsung Galaxy Tab with Android

While there are still over 15 million iPads shipped by Apple, an impressive and outstanding number for such a new platform, Samsung is quickly proving that there is room for competition.

Not just content on helping Android take the second highest mobile phone ownership slot away from Apple, Samsung now seems prepared to put in all of its efforts to narrow the gap between iPads and Android-based tablets.

Also note that the Apple iPad was launched in April of 2010, whereas the Galaxy Tab has only been out since September of 2010 – so the iPhone on steroids did get a little bit of a head start.

They are certainly pushing technology on all ends, after having a ground-breaking showing at CES, including their 50 TV high-definition 3D display tech demo, which turned a few heads.

The tablet war is just heating up though, as there are many more contenders and even more on the horizon.