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Samsung shows off their full HD 3D arena composed of 50 HDTVs!

Samsung 3d arena 50 hdtvs

Samsung shows off their 50 HD TV array

At Samsung’s booth at CES in Las Vegas, attendees were greeted with giant wall of HD televisions, each connected together to form a larger image. All counted, there was an array of 50 high definition displays!

They had them arranged to produce a massive high-def demonstration of chained 3D video, using a computer to render the video and wireless 3D glasses (using RF transmissions!) to engulf the audience in a huge 3D plane. Take a look at this video to see the beast, called the 3D Arena, in all its glory:

Samsung stated that 3D will be in almost 90% of their 2011 product line and has been improved significantly from last year’s lineup of 3D HD televisions. The 3D specs seen in the video are made to fit over other glasses and they also have drop-in Rx Ready lenses.

Can’t wait to see the 3D Arena with a video game!