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Android phone ownership now larger then iPhone

The Android logo

The Android logo. He should smile more!

According to the comScore Mobile Subscriber Market Share Report, Google Android users now outnumber cell phones with the iOS operating system. In other words, there are now more Google phones than Apple phones in consumers’ hands.

According to the statistics ending November 2010, Google Android users now make up 26% of the mobile phone market, second to RIM’s (owners of Blackeberry) leading 33.5% market share.

Compared to the numbers from August 2010, it seems as though the Android user surge hurt the Blackberry and Microsoft mobile markets the most, with Microsoft losing 1.8% and Blackberry losing a whopping 4.1%!

Based on mobile phone manufacturer data, it seems the surge in Android users is mostly due to the nearly 1% increase of Samsung market share, as most of their mobile smart phones and devices now use some form of Android for the operating system.

By the next comScore update, expect even bigger changes to the mobile phone market share standings, as the holidays and release of Windows Phone 7 will surely have things shaken up even more.