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The new year is here and it may not be as hard as you think to get a new console. Sony and Microsoft are both working hard to make sure their consoles say in stores this year.

Windows Phones may not be as popular as Android phones, but they are differently growing in popularity. To help jump s
tart this growth, Windows is now offering Windows Phone users an extra 20GB of SkyDrive storage free.

If you are looking for a good deal on a tablet, you might want to check the Microsoft Store. They are holding a 12 Days of Deals sale. Right now you can get a discount on the Dell Venus Pro 8.

Just like Sony, Microsoft has had some problems with its latest console. According to reports, some Xbox One systems have disc drive problems. This makes them unable to read game discs.

The Xbox One has finally launched and it sold like crazy just like the PS4. gaming critics had first believed that the PS4 was going to blow the Xbox One out of the water. However, now that does not look like it is going to be the case.

The Xbox One launches tomorrow! Microsoft is hoping to make a few last second sales by saying that the console is not just for core gamers, but for families as well. the real question is: Is anyone buying it?

The PS4 is off to a great start as far as sales go. Of course, things might not be so great considering the fact that a number of PS4 systems are reportedly not working. On top of that, the Xbox One launches this Friday!

What is the best way to protect something? Put it in a tank of sharks of course! At least, that is what Microsoft did with their very first Xbox One.

Apple may have made tablets famous, but Microsoft is looking to make them “better.” That being said, Apple is looking to improve their own tablets by … borrowing a few ideas from the Microsoft Surface.

Just because the Xbox One will be released soon does not mean that Microsoft is giving up on the Xbox 360. In fact, Microsoft has announced that there will be three new bundles for the Xbox 360 this holiday season.

Bill Gates, the Co-founder of Microsoft, has just been asked to stepped down as the head chairman. Three of the companies major investors said that they want Gates out so the company can drive forward.

If there’s one game that almost every gamer, regardless of platform knows how to play, it’s the waiting game. We sit and wait for days on the latest info from our most awaited titles and for consoles? Even more so, Read more…

Check out this awesome chart detailing every single feature you could possibly want to compare between the Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4

Microsoft confirms that the Xbox One will not support extremal storage at launch. The feature will come later but they are not sure when.

In the first time in a long time, Yahoo is giving Google a run for its money. This news comes to light as Yahoo was finally able to pass Google in total unique pageviews. Apparently Yahoo’s CEO is achieving her goal of reinventing the Yahoo name.

The single biggest issue with online multiplayer components of games, after the overbearing problem of server LAG or the prevalence of bugs (and the lack of patches released to fix them) is the issue of trolling.

Sony is already doing this right with PSN, letting indies publish their titles without publishers, but now, Microsoft have revealed that they too will be jumping on the indie bandwagon by letting indies do the same on their upcoming next generation console, the Xbox One.

Sony sets the record straight by confirming that the PS4 will record the past 15 minutes of your gameplay automatically.

Think that the Xbox One’s reputation system is a stroke of genius or a poorly thought out decision?

If anyone knows when it is time to jump ship, it’s Don Mattrick. After holding a terrible E3 press conference with Microsoft, Mr Mattrick has announced that he is leaving the Xbox division of Microsoft to be the new CEO of Farmville creator Zynga.