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Apple Learns from Microsoft and Designs a Keyboard Cover for the iPad


In the world of technology, everything is always changing. As a result, when a company comes up with a good idea, all the other tech companies are quick to jump on board with it, creating their own “similar” ideas. This case and point can be seen with the Microsoft Surface. One of the top-selling features of this device is the fact that it has a keyboard that turns into a cover for it. As a result, your device is always protected, and you always have a physical keyboard on hand. Apple liked this idea so much that it has decided to come up with its own keyboard cover.

Jamie Ryan, who is a former Apple employee, just recently said on his blog that Apple has been working on a cover keyboard for a while now. He did say that he is not sure just how far along this technology is, but he does know that Apple is working on it.

The overall goal of this cover is for Apple’s iPad to be able to go head-to-head with Microsoft’s Surface tablet. So far, the Surface has been able to outclass the iPad in almost every way. It has a physical keyboard that attaches right to the bottom, which also turns into a cover for the tablet. It has a USB port and can be hooked up right to your TV.

The iPad has started to look a little dated. Tablets have come a long way since the first iPad was launched, and companies are turning these tablets into fully functional computers. Although the Apple cover/keyboard that Ryan saw was only a prototype, it is safe to assume that Apple is looking for a quick fix to this problem. Expect the next iPad to have support for USB and other things that are offered by the Surface. This may even include a lower price tag that can match the entry level Surface tablets.