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Hide yo Vaio, hide yo PS3, cause Apple might be buying Sony

apple buy sony stock

Apple should buy Sony stock

Inside stock market sources are all up in arms about the apparent possibility that Sony might get bought out by Apple. While ludicrous, frightening, and downright unsettling, the possibility of Apple buying Sony is a plausible one.

Currently, Apple holds $46 billion in cash, assets, and securities (some would even say they have $53 billion), and right now Sony is valued at $38 billion. There are some in the stock trading world that would suggest that Apple is saving their money in an effort to buy out Sony and get a hold of such brands as PlayStation, Vaio, Cybershot, Walkman, and even their international movie and television companies.

While some Apple fanboys would likely jump for joy over such an idea, many people (including us at electro kami) would absolutely hate life if that were to happen. Their brands do not meld very well and they would most likely kill off the Vaio and such in order to boost their Mac book sales, Apple just doesn’t play well with developers.

Secondly, and this is a big deal, Apple does not seem capable of delivering the same kind of video game or electronics technology that Sony does. They would be unwise to try to take on the Xbox 360 and Microsoft by buying their competitor and not just trying to develop a new video game brand (which most people would support over absorbing Sony and the PlayStation).

Finally, Steve Jobs would lose his job if he bought out Sony, since Apple has a lot on their plate as it is and Sony is still in a little rough spot financially.