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Twitter username creation: What to do if your Twitter username is taken

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So some of your friends or family are jumping on Twitter, and you want to keep up with them (follow us on Twitter here). But when you make an account, you find that your desired Twitter username is taken, or perhaps your real name is taken too!

Don’t fret, we have some ideas to create a Twitter name that is likable, memorable, and totally unlike anything you have ever seen before!

Change the spelling, replace the letters with numbers, or add letters

If you wanted to be called @soap but find that the name is taken, consider a few alternatives:

  • @s0ap
  • @sooap
  • @soapp
  • @sopa
  • @5oap

Another example, take the name @peterpan:

  • @peeterpan
  • @peet3rpan
  • @peterpandemic
  • @peturpan
  • @peterpen
  • @repeaterpan

Look at all of those variations! Get creative with it and remember to make it fun!

Add a modifier to your real name

If your name @JohnDoe is taken, try one of these modifiers:

  • @ThatJohnDoe
  • @RealJohnDoe
  • @OriginalJohnDoe
  • @NotJohnDoe
  • @TheBestJohnDoe

Or add in some modifier related to your career or hobbies:

  • @GamingJohnDoe
  • @JohnDoeTheLawyer
  • @CodingJohnDoe
  • @JohnDoeSings
  • @JohnDoeOnRails

Make your name into an animal or food

If you wanted to have a Twitter username a little more unique then something above, you can try to animalize your real name. It makes for interesting results:

  • @Janimal
  • @MoePossum
  • @Kengaroo
  • @PuddyKat
  • @KlausTheMaus
  • @Danosaur

You can also try turning your name into a food. For instance, if you’re called Dan, you can try using a riff on your name like so:

  • @Danish
  • @DanJuice
  • @Dannen (like the yogurt!)
  • @DanBerry
  • @Danut

Use a crossword puzzle solver

Here is an oddball, out-of-the-box idea to make a unique Twitter (or anything) username that is still very much personalized to you!

Take your name, or you company, and grab a chunk of it, maybe just a syllable. Take that syllable and go here to a crossword puzzle solver. Now you can punch in that syllable one letter at a time and play around with the word lengths.

This crossword puzzle will search the dictionary for words that have that chunk of text inside them for you! That way you might stumble upon a funny, personal Twitter username.

Don’t get it? We’ll show you what we mean. Take the name Matt for instance. We will grab the chunk “mat” and place it into the first three letters of the crossword dictionary like so:

twitter username generator

Twitter username generation using a crossword dictionary!

And then click on a number in the lower section for the length of the word. Click “Find It” and you will see the results generated above the form.

Check out some unique Twitter names we found for Matt doing this with different word lengths. After using the crossword dictionary we replaced “mat” with “matt” for continuity:

  • @mattinee
  • @matturity
  • @matterial
  • @matter
  • @matte
  • @mattador
  • @mattifier

That was easy wasn’t it? Now you have a one-of-a-kind username!