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The Simpsons McBain Short Film: The Goggles, they do nothing!

The Simpsons have influenced so much in pop culture it’s almost strange when you meet people that have never watched a single episode of the multi-decade spanning series.

Even smaller characters from The Simpsons have a steady following of fans – like faux-action hero (and Arnold Schwarzenegger wannabe) McBain, a man who is known to shoot guns, lift weights, and blow things up.

It’s a shame that McBain never got to star in his own feature-length movie, but some enterprising Simpsons fan (seems like there are lot them out there) decided to take his movie career into their own hands and created a McBain mini movie compilation.

If there was ever a movie that I’d want to see, this would be it!

Also, here is an excellent bonus McBain clip – a parody of John McCain’s commercial to run for President of the United States: