Eleven reasons why you should date a web developer

Here are eleven great reasons why you should consider dating a web developer professional.

Responsive design with YouTube videos: Firefox can't do it. Why the iframe resize issue needs to be fixed!

Trying to redesign your blog or website and use responsive design? Take a look here and find out the "gotchas" that come with Firefox.

Seven more great music videos that will make your head explode

Here are five more music videos for you to listen, watch, and enjoy! Because of their uniqueness and entertainment factor, we think you will have fun with them!

Friday Internet Bulletin: Late Late Edition (no no no no!)

Since we messed up and didn't have a couple of FIBs (due to vacation time!), we get a double dose today!

Top Ten 90s cartoons on television

Check out our great top ten list featuring the top ten 90s television cartoon icons!

Friday Internet Bulletin: Hologram Tupac has been shot, designing emails for mobile, and Muppets

Also some cool facts about elephants and Tetris.

Ron Burgundy to dog: You're so wise. You're like a miniature Buddha, covered in hair.

Weird video game cosplay, sweet costumes, and chicks man

See people in video game costumes, movie cosplay, and a little bit of strangeness and oddity in this list mega list of pics!

Friday Internet Bulletin: Pikachu is a bad example for the kids

Heavy hit with some tech news about Windows Phone 8, some exciting video game news about Unreal Engine as well as NVIDIA, some interesting news items, and, of course, Pikachu on drugs.

Calvin and Hobbes snowmen made into a miniature montage

Calvin and Hobbes has always been a little on the ridiculous side when it comes to making comics about snowmen.

Pokemon: If they existed in the real world

Here are a select few looks at how Pokemon would look like in the real world.

Sexy sax man careless whisper prank feat. Sergio Flores

He doesn't like George Michael! Booooo!

Watch Tyrion Lannister smack Prince Joffrey repeatedly

Take a look at this video that show Tyrion repeatedly slapping Joffrey upside the head.