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Eleven reasons why you should date a web developer

web developer with job

Before you read on, make sure you know what the difference between a web developer and a web designer is.

And if you are even more curious about the web industry, check out this awesome post featuring thirty amazing infographics for web developers and designers. It’s quite valuable.

Otherwise, read on to see eleven great reasons for why you should consider dating a web developer professional.

1. They code to music

Since web developers love listening to music when they write new programs, scripts, and apps, they usually get tired of the same old stuff over and over again. That leads them to online radio sites like Spotify, Pandora, Grooveshark, and, on a journey to find more jams to keep their code flowing.

music taste

Because of this, they usually have a broad breadth of taste and know a lot of diverse, exciting music.

2. They spend hours looking at documentation and manuals

This develops their “understand before using” order of operation, meaning they won’t blindly do something before figuring out the proper way first!

they didnt read the manul rtfm

3. They can help you with computer problems

Web developers work on their computer daily, so they have to know what the best, most efficient program is for all sorts of tasks. This means they have a pretty large toolbox of great suggestions.

actual advice mallard ms word

4. They think anything is solvable – it’s only a matter of how long it will take

They are smart enough that they can apply their mind to a lot of problems, especially logical ones.

diy ways to fix things knife

But they sometimes use hacks.

5. Patience is a virtue. Most devs have tons of it

Spending countless hours bug-fixing or debugging old code greatly improves a developers’ tolerance for repetitive tasks and trial-and-error – a useful trait to have in a relationship.

patient bear

6. They have a sense of humor and “get” a lot of jokes

If you ever think about how many lines of code a developer creates in a day (generally anywhere from 0-1000+), they spend a lot of time in silence thinking purely in their own headspace. This same ability applies to boring situations where they need to stimulate themselves.

Due to the need to entertain their brain, get their mind off code for a bit, or just simply relax, most web developers crave comedy movies, joking around with friends, and general tomfoolery.

They also get a lot of inside jokes or nerdy/geeky subtleties.

funny pictures italic kittens code

This range of humor also improves their communication skills and cleverness, allowing them to stir up social situations with laughter … or quizzical thought.

7. Their mind stores a lot of information and knowledge

While developers sometimes store useless information, it’s usually unique or interesting enough to fill lulls in conversations or captivate people with riveting discussion.

learn somethings everyday titanic

At the very least, it might spark another exchange based on their previous fact-dropping … for instance, after hearing the above fact, someone might bring up Life of Pi.

8. They think outside the box

Most of the time they actually come up with some pretty cool ideas – and not just for web related situations.

conspiracy keanu are you human

Sometimes they diverge onto thoughts that most people may have never even considered.

9. They are generally honest and kind people

Some of them are actually more socially outgoing then one would expect, and they alway consider multiple angles to situations. This also allows them to be more empathetic towards those they work with or spend personal time with.

The big bang theory cast

10. Web Developers are in high demand (Ladies! / Fellas!).

Web developers have great job and career security. There are a lot of full-time jobs to nab, plenty of contract or freelance work to take, and highly competitive opportunities for any intermediate or higher web developer. This means that even if the company they work for is failing or downsizing, there are probably five more places that would love to hire them onto their team.

dilbert Job Security Engineer

11. They work on the internet … so most of them love animals

They spend almost every day of the week on the internet as part of their job, and see tons and tons of funny cat videos, strange cat pictures, weird dog clips, and plenty of other media that basically indoctrinate them into loving animals. And people who love animals are usually better people as a whole.

How could you not love cats after seeing stuff like this all the time:

cat invisible shopping cart

I … don’t … even

How could you not love dogs after seeing videos like this … “beef“: