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5 creepy stories the internet brought us

Halloween’s passed us by and we’re well on our way towards Christmas (I recommend starting your shopping … last month), but who doesn’t love a good old creepy story? Some of these are proven hoaxes, and some of these are still mysteries, but that’s not  what matters. What’s truly important here is that you read about these stories alone in your room with the lights off.

For the record, this will be written as if I believe 100% that these are all real. Just for fun.

5. Haunted Majora’s Mask


This is one of the better Creepypastsas out there. I mean, most of the time, Creepypastas are cool, charming, poorly-written little blurbs. This had a lot — A LOT of work put into it. And there are creepy little videos to go along with it.

The story is simple, possibly even cliché.

A guy went to a garage sale and found one of his favourite childhood games – The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask! When the old man running the garage sale gave him the game, he muttered “good-bye Ben”.  And the save file was called BEN. I think it’s pretty obvious where this is going: the game is haunted, and crazy, creepy glitches occur.

Let’s face it: Majora’s Mask is already creepy. That moon, the masks, Link’s transformations, the dark atmosphere.

The videos that go along with the story are even more frightening. There’s a statue that follows the player around, the music is often  backwards and slowed down, characters watch him ominously, dialogue gets butchered, Link  has spasms where his body contorts … ugh, it can be hard to handle.

This was the first well-done Creepypasta I had ever experienced, and it sent me searching for anything else like it.

4. TwoBiteBrownie


This is a recent story, and it’s yet to be solved. It’s rather on the realistic side, which is always fun, too.

A person who on Imgur refers to themselves as “TwoBiteBrownie” had moved into a new home somewhat recently with their family, and apparently the house had been built by the past owners, who had left for India. So, for the record, this was a fairly new house. It’s not like it was built in the 17th century, when something like this would have been normative, and only mildly creepy.

See, apparently this person and their brother were rough housing, as kids tend to do. At some point, TwoBiteBrownie’s brother hit a bookcase with his body. When he fell, he (for whatever bizarre reason) held onto the bookshelf. What happened next was initially intriguing, but it led to horror.

Instead of the built-in shelf in the wall that appeared to be there, the bookshelf was, in fact, a door. That’s right, it was a hidden doorway. And when they pulled it open all the way, TwoBiteBrownie and their brother discovered stairs. Not just stairs, but a spiral staircase – because, really, the only way to make a hidden door in a wall creepier is to have it lead to a spiral staircase.

And the only way to make this situation more horrifying is to discover what TwoBiteBrownie and their brother discovered.

Initially, it seemed like they had hit a dead end, but as they went back up the stairs, they noticed a tiny crawlspace in the wall. Presumably, these two are pretty young – why else would they have been roughhousing instead of using the internet? They  decided to explore this crawlspace.

They found candy and some sheets. They took a picture before TwoBiteBrownie realised that the candy was, in fact, theirs from Halloween. Which meant that someone had gone up that staircase, and into their room, gone into their bag, and taken out Brownie’s candy. Which is mortifying to begin with.

Just to make everything ten times more disturbing, they also found creepy little old-time dolls, and a key, which fits an unknown lock.

This story is ongoing, as the police haven’t found anything yet.

Is it so terrible that you want them to find something a little more creepy than just some dude living in their walls?


3. Louise Paxton


This was like every horror movie cliché, but instead it actually happened to a beautiful young lady in England, and she showed all of YouTube.

A young woman has newly moved into her new flat. Initially this just starts off as her little blog. But then it appears she has a stalker. Without question, someone’s been sneaking around her house. She gets little warning signs, small hints. But nothing big enough for the police to come bother with her case – which is why Louise starts to post videos capturing instances of stalker activity.

This is when things get truly weird. It starts out when she sees a man at her window multiple nights in a row. Then she finds some things in her house during the night – a very old coin, a child’s shoe, a dirty hand print. And in one video where she’s trying to catch the man by the window, who she refers to as her stalker, one YouTube viewer believes he caught an orb. Louise seems to have believed him, but she brushes it off as dust, probably for her own sanity.

Things start to escalate, though.

Someone seems to be in her house, leaving things on her bed, shutting off her lights, and generally being scary. A mystery begins to unfold about who or what has been terrifying the poor girl, but the creepy happenings don’t stop. Eventually Louise has a friend over to keep her company, but it doessn’t stop an all-out attack. After that, Louise has gone missing, and she hasn’t shown up in the roughly six years since the last video was put up.

2. Glitchy Red


This is another game glitch Creepypasta, but there’s a bit of a  twist.

The entire time creepy things are happening in the Pokemon Red game he’s playing, the player, or the narrator, thinks it’s cool. He thinks, “Sweet, I got a glitchy game; someone’s trying to creep me out.”

So when things get weird, he starts to unravel.

It appears that Red has a soul, and he’s well aware that the player’s just using him for nostalgia’s sake. This causes the player to keep playing, no matter what happens, because of his guilt for doing this to game characters.

It hits close to home – who hasn’t played a game for nostalgia, or to play with bugs and glitches? So, are you being cruel to those characters, too?

Do they hate you as much as Red hates the narrator?

Can we ever forgive ourselves?

1. Noises in the sky


This one is quite the phenomenon.

People all over the world have been hearing … sounds.

They’re rather difficult to explain. It’s almost a metallic scraping noise,  but incredibly loud. Not to mention, the sounds seem to be coming from the sky.

There are many, many videos documenting this sound being made, around the world, at different times. But the sound is always the same.

And there are a million things it could be – the planets making noises, the earth’s plate shifting … aliens. It’s just that these sounds haven’t been explained, and they’re very well-documented. It’s eerie, that’s for sure. The sound is so ominous, it’s bone-chilling. Plus, it’s just so fun to get creative with what these sounds could be, or mean. It’s rather likely you could actually experience them one day, or that you already have.

Have fun sleeping tonight.