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Tech Trends That Will Grow in Popularity in 2014


Latest year, we saw an increase in a lot of different types of technology. For example, there was a huge increase in the number of people who started using tablet computers. This is a trend that is likely to continue to improve in 2014. However, the real question is, “What new tech trends are likely to be big this year?” There was a lot of brand new technology in 2013 that never really caught on with the masses. Expect to see some of the following new technology grow in popularity during the 2014.

Before we get to the list, remember, that most of the technology that will be big this year will be shown off at the International CES. This is a consumer technology show that takes place in Las Vegas. When CES takes place, you will be able to find full coverage of it here.

4K TVs

4K TVs were first introduced in 2013 at the CES show. However, this technology is still pretty expensive to go main stream. Over the course of 12 months, technology changes a lot. By the end of this year, we may see 4K TVs starting to become more affordable. While on the subject of TVs, expect to see the size of TVs continue to grow with better specifications. At the very least, you will start to see a lot of TVs that have HDMI 2.0 connectors. These are connectors that will allow for full 4K resolution at a smooth 60 fps. Last, but not least, there is likely to be an increase in covered display screens for TVs. These are TVs that tend to be long and start to fold in on itself towards the edges. This gives the illusion of being “surrounded” by the show you are watching.

Security Upgrade with Biometrics

The days of biometric readings only being used on TV shows or for high-tech government facilities are gone. A lot of gadgets have been experimenting with things like fingerprint scanners. This kind of technology locks a device unless it is opened by a person who has the right fingerprint. This technology was pretty much unused by consumers until the iPhone 5S. Now, several tablet and smartphone developers are looking to add this feature into their products. After all, what is a better way to lock a device than using your own body?

The Growth off the Cloud

More and more companies are coming up with their own cloud-like storage services. This is not a “new” technology, but it is still not overly used by the masses. This is likely to change in 2014 thanks, in part, to Microsoft offering its new SkyDrive on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 computers. This SkyDrive is connected to the hard drive and allows people to simply store anything that they want. It is simple to use because it saves or pastes files into it like using any other folder on the computer. The easier cloud services become, the more likely people are to use them. Microsoft has also set the stage by giving away 2GB of free SkyDrive space for all people who set up a Microsoft account.

3D Printers

Last, but not least, 3D printing will be on the rise. 3D printing is something that has already been on the rise but not really for consumers. The printers that print 3D images are extremely expensive. However, people should expect to see this technology become more commonly used as manufactures continue to address concerns about making this technology cheaper. They will also make this technology easier to use.