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Sony is already doing this right with PSN, letting indies publish their titles without publishers, but now, Microsoft have revealed that they too will be jumping on the indie bandwagon by letting indies do the same on their upcoming next generation console, the Xbox One.

Think that the Xbox One’s reputation system is a stroke of genius or a poorly thought out decision?

For many years the Tokyo Game Show, which is like E3 in Japan, has been controlled by Nintendo. This year, however, Nintendo will not attend the event. What is even more odd, is the fact that Microsoft will be there despite their gaming console not being popular in Japan.

One of the most memorable moments at this year’s E3 is when Sony announced that their PS4 would be $100 cheaper than the Xbox One. Sony hit this price point by not including the PlayStation Eye with every PS4 bundle, but will this move hurt the sales of their Eye add-on?

In a tale of just how much power an extremely vocal fanbase can have, Microsoft have made a huge decision by backtracking on the previously announced DRM and online connectivity measures that were set to be enforced on their new, next generation console, the Xbox One.

Here is a complete breakdown of what we saw at this year’s E3 from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

As part of Sony’s commitment to gamers, online multiplayer on their consoles has always been free. Up until now, as they’ve just announced that using online multiplayer on PS4 will cost gamers money.

New member Scotty Dunn takes a stab at identifying the problems with the XBOX One