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Ben Wheatley is a very interesting British filmmaker. In a few short years, he has managed to make the gangster film interesting again (Down Terrace), the crazy British horror film cool again (Kill List) and cross Natural Born Killers with the National Trust (Sightseers). Suffice to say, people took notice when they heard that his new film A Field in England was to be about a group of soldiers who find themselves in a remote field during the English civil war. Nobody was expecting campfires and sing-alongs. This is a Ben Wheatley film.

Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg are used to dealing with high expectations of their work by now. Back in 2004, when their first feature film collaboration Shaun of the Dead was released, it was just three years after their seminal TV show Spaced, a show that blew the cobwebs off the tired sitcom format of twenty-something’s hanging around in swanky wine bars and getting into “adventures”, and all the time whilst being accompanied by a very loud laughing track.