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Roku may soon make more than just set-top boxes. It looks like they are going to venture into the world of TV. Well they be able to make a splash or will they belly flop.

Ever wonder what takes up the most traffic on the internet? Well, according to a new report it is Netflix! In fact, the only other website that comes close in terms of traffic is YouTube. Together, these two websites make up over half of all internet traffic.

4K may not have caught on with consumers yet, but that has not stopped Netflix from trying to get in on the ground level of this new technology.

Netflix is looking to challenge cable services like HBO by adding their own service into the mix. However, this deal is still at the starting gate.

Target set to enter the digital movie and TV show world. They will do this by launching their own service called Target Ticket, which will be very similar to VUDU offered by Walmart.

Netflix is looking to continue improving its service by allowing accounts to add different profiles. However, it will not be available on all devices right away.

Netflix has just recently debuted their peek into the new original series “Hemlock Grove”.