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There is no question that the PS4 is beating out the Xbox One in sales and is closing in on the Wii U pretty quickly. That being said, we never really had a number to put with it. Well, Sony has finally given us a number at this year’s CES. They also introduced a new game streaming service.

According to new numbers, the PS4 is out selling the Xbox One. In some cases, it is out selling the system 2 to 1. To make matters even worse for the Xbox One, the PS4 has not even launched in Japan … a place where Xbox has always failed to make itself known.

Experts are saying that the lifetime sales of the Wii U are only expected to reach 25 million. However, 25 million is really not to bad of a number. That puts the Wii U in the company of other systems like the Xbox and GameCube.

Smartphones have been popular in America for a long time, but the same cannot be said for Japan. It has only been recently that sales for Smartphones have been on the rise. This has caused the sales of apps to rise too, and for the first time Japan has spent more on apps that the United States.

“Catching Fire” has been doing good in the box office and it continues to do so. However, it was recently knocked off its top spot by another movie that has been out a few weeks now … “Frozen.” The battle of fire and ice continues!

The Xbox One and PS4 are both out now and the next console war is fully underway. So which company is winning right now? Well that would be the Wii U, but it had a year head start. That being said, Sony and MIcrosoft are already hot on its heels.

The Wii U is far from dead. In fact, it just received a huge boost in sales in Japan thanks to the launch of another new bundle. It is looking like it will be a pretty sweet holiday for Nintendo moving forward.

Sony has hyped up the PS4 a lot … in fact maybe too much. It is all setup to be the hottest gaming console this holiday season. However, with over 1.5 million pre-orders, does Sony have what it takes to fill that big order and put out extras for stores to put on their shelves? If not, that could mean good things for the Wii U and Xbox One.

Nintendo is one of the biggest names in the gaming industry, and you cannot gain a status like that without having a few hits under your belt. However, most people are not aware just how many hits Nintendo has had, and just how successful these hits have been. So here are the top 10 selling Nintendo games of all time.

Online retail giant Amazon recently went offline for under an hour. Although this does not seem like a long time, it may have cost the company close to $1 million.

Just because August is upon us, it doesn’t mean that Summer is any less in progress than in July, when the first part of this summer album round-up was posted. A good song in July is still a good song Read more…

Despite low Wii U sales, Nintendo has turned a profit. This is thanks, in part, to the success of the 3DS. in order for Nintendo’s profit margin to jump anymore, they are going to need to turn around the Wii U. Thankfully, it is shaping up to be a pretty good holiday season for Nintendo.

There are many factors that hurt the Wii U’s sales when it first launched. Nintendo, however, blames the Wii U’s slow start on the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Sometimes all a system needs is one killer game to boost sales. For the Wii U, that game has proven to be Pikmin 3 with sales for the Wii U doubling week on week in Japan.