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Are you ready for more zombie action to fill your Sunday nights? Just when you thought you couldn’t wait another minute for the return of The Walking Dead to AMC, the weekend of the season premiere has finally arrived. That Read more…

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With only one episode left in the amazing third season of The Walking Dead, someone has to die! Who do you think it will be?

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Since the start of the new millennium, when the internet really took off, movie spoilers have taken a whole new direction. With websites that employ photographers to sneak around sets and take as many pictures as they can, and camera phones that grant ordinary citizens the same power, audiences seem to want to know everything about a movie before it comes out, giving way to a comfortable theater experience that does not offer any surprises.

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With every big hit or blockbuster movie that comes out, fans and movie buffs alike quote scenes like they’re Shakespeare. But often the exact lines get a bit miffed, perhaps jumbled in the process or misused in a reference, creating a sort of telephone-game like phenomenon.

Here are ten movie lines that are repeatedly mis-repeated, and the correct lines as they were originally spoken in the films they came from.