Broken Bells sounds like Gorillaz. But that’s not a bad thing.

broken bells ghost inside gorillaz

Broken Bells. And Pink Panther.

While there are many musical groups that have a similar sound or vibe, there is an eerie feeling of sameness when you listen to Broken Bells’ The Ghost Inside and compare it to the sound of the melodic sensation Gorillaz.

But that’s where the only similarities lie. Aside from that, the two groups are completely different in all aspects. Well, besides the fact that there are only two members in both groups.

Besides that, Gorillaz music features a lot of additional talent whether it be from sampling or guest artists. And they look a lot different.

gorillaz on white

Gorillaz are barely human!

But when it comes down to it, whether the music is made by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett (Gorillaz) or James Mercer and Brian Burton (Broken Bells), it still sounds good.

See (listen) for yourself

Broken Bells The Ghost Inside

Unfortunately, the actual music video on YouTube is blocked from embedding. Lame. Here is just the song for Gorillaz Dirty Harry.

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  • jeremy

    i like it

  • Nick Dauchot

    I approve… i think. I’m not sure yet because I’ve only listened to one some. But I am excited to see whats next.
    I’ve always been a die-heard gorillaz fan. I enjoy it when new bands are attempting their style

    • Metawriter

      You’re right – the Gorillaz created a great new direction for music and it’s good to see other people take on that sound with their own spin.

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