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Totally awesome Chain Chomp bean bag chair

chain chomp bean bag chair

Chain chomp bean bag chair

The Chain Chomp from Mario is one of the more popular characters in the entire franchise for two reasons:

  1. When you see or hear it (ruff ruff!) you get scared
  2. It either hurts you or protects you (see: Mario Kart and Mario 64)

All in all, it’s best to either avoid the Chain Chomp or make sure it’s on your side. Now you can have one to protect your games!

The creator of this excellent bean bag even offers some tips to keep you Chain Chomp healthy:

Bean bag does not come filled or else the postage rates would be astronomical! So he is folded and flat packed into a sturdy parcel. Bowser suggests filling him with three or more (500g) bags of polystyrene beans depending on how smooshy or full you want him.

You gotta get one of these for your gaming room!

Get a Chain Chomp bean bag chair now, before it’s too late.