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Well, rumour has it that the new season of GoT is currently being shot. The air date is aimed for spring 2014; that’s roughly 140 days away. Wouldn’t it be fun to make waiting just THAT much harder?

True Blood has, for the most part, always been HBO’s most successful show, after long-running mafia series The Sopranos ended. Yes, True Blood is even more successful than critical hit Game of Thrones. However, everyone’s favourite dragon-whispering, medieval time tv show looks set to usurp True Blood at the top.

Take a look at these impressive artistic pieces inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire and the Game of Thrones tv show!

This post is centered around the caped crusader, plus lots of pictures.

We preview the upcoming Dredd, a reboot / remake of the Judge Dredd franchise that aims to be more serious and focused than the adaptation from 1995.

Take a look at this video that show Tyrion repeatedly slapping Joffrey upside the head.

In a time of recession and economic hardships, the last thing major studios want to do is sink hundreds of millions into a movie that won’t break even, especially with competing studios crumbling and filing for bankruptcy all around them.

The creatives have run for the hills and the accountants have taken over Hollywood.