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Well, rumour has it that the new season of GoT is currently being shot. The air date is aimed for spring 2014; that’s roughly 140 days away. Wouldn’t it be fun to make waiting just THAT much harder?

Netflix is looking to challenge cable services like HBO by adding their own service into the mix. However, this deal is still at the starting gate.

True Blood has, for the most part, always been HBO’s most successful show, after long-running mafia series The Sopranos ended. Yes, True Blood is even more successful than critical hit Game of Thrones. However, everyone’s favourite dragon-whispering, medieval time tv show looks set to usurp True Blood at the top.

Set at the titular mining camp at the base of the Black Hills of South Dakota, “Deadwood” follows the members of the small, lawless community as they acclimate to or try to keep control of the unsteady nature of the makeshift town. But not being a part of the United States and owing justification to no one, Deadwood thrives on mischief, mayhem, whiskey and whores.

What sets HBO apart from most other networks is the stations uncompromising dedication to quality, which is on full display in one of the networks first comedy hits, “The Larry Sander’s Show”.

Take a look at this video that show Tyrion repeatedly slapping Joffrey upside the head.

The 90’s were a glorious time for television. With the lighthearted and almost meaningless fluff that filled living rooms the last forty years finally wearing viewers, and the emergence of cable stations like HBO as a viable means to tell gripping stories without the restraints of basic cable budgets, producers, and writers alike saw a change in audiences brewing and took the opportunity to push their creativity and story telling into a new, much more raw territory.

In a time of recession and economic hardships, the last thing major studios want to do is sink hundreds of millions into a movie that won’t break even, especially with competing studios crumbling and filing for bankruptcy all around them.

The creatives have run for the hills and the accountants have taken over Hollywood.