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Here are some great prototypes and samples demonstrating the cutting edge of the web!

Ever wonder how web design came to be? We take a look back from the beginning, and also preach about standards and guidelines.

This one’s got some sugar-themed posts, as well as one e-commerce website’s choice to tax IE7 users!

IE7 standalone text input and IE6 standalone text input bug While the separate install executable versions of Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7 provided by tredosoft are great when used for testing CSS or most JavaScript functions, they seem Read more…

Ever have a web-based form not submit the data or seemingly break for no reason?

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter There is a famous cheat from way back in February of 1997 from a little game (or well known game that has been lacking as of late) called Turok. This first interactive foray into the world of Read more…