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25 Years of Mario Deaths, even more Mario drawings: The Bourgyman is awesome

Based on most everyone’s overwhelming love of the previous posts that feature excellently crafted Mario and Nickelodeon drawings and art from several talented artists, we decided to post up another rising star from deviantART.

Today we would like to give a shout out to skilled Mario fan The Bourgyman, who brings us a Mario-infused collection.

Here is his greatest concept and funniest chart, “Cause of Death”:

(click the image to see the full size)

mario 25 years of dying by thebourgyman

Mario 25 years of dying

Aside from a informative chart featuring all of Mario’s many ways of losing his 1ups, TheBourgyman has also taken the time to catalog the several different bosses that Mario has butted heads with over his existence.

Can you name all of the Mario bosses in this picture?

(click the image to see the full size)

21 years of bosses mario by thebourgyman

21 Years of Bosses in Mario games

Be sure to check out more of this artist’s great Nintendo and gaming inspired art by visiting The Bourgyman on deviantART.