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Adobe acquires Behance in an effort to improve community in Creative Cloud

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Behance + Adobe = Bedobe? Adance? hmm …

Adobe is pleased to announce that they have acquired Behance, a sort of social media platform largely targeted towards creatives, allowing them to showcase talent, show off their portfolios, and provide a central portal to allow job finders to sniff out new talent, as well as incorporate inspiring design pieces in an easy to digest format much like Pinterest.

On top of that, it allows up and coming artists and designers to be exposed to others in their vicinity and field, creating a sort of DeviantArt type landscape for creative expression.

Adobe’s interest is to integrate this platform into their already designer friendly Creative Cloud, in what seems to be a push to make their site the de facto hub for creatives.

Says Behance co-founder and chief executive officer Scott Belsky:

We set out to connect the creative world and maximize the exposure that creatives receive for their work. As creatives rely more on the social Web for collaboration and opportunity, creative people and teams will benefit from Behance’s community features integrated into the creative process. We’re thrilled to join Adobe and empower creative careers on a global scale.”

So far, everything seems to fit, as Adobe is looking to step beyond Flash in some ways and provide a mobile, tablet, “any device” system that allows users, developers, and designers the ease to work towards a web where all devices can consume content equally.

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