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Halloween’s passed us by and we’re well on our way towards Christmas (I recommend starting your shopping … last month), but who doesn’t love a good old creepy story? Some of these are proven hoaxes, and some of these are Read more…

Our top twelve songs from Pink Floyd – featuring songs from all of their hit albums.

From The Shrinking Man to The Twilight Zone, Hell House to What Dreams May Come, Matheson has had an enormous effect on the world of art, and whether you have read his works or not, his influence is all over the stories you already know. Get to your local bookshop and dig out a copy of one of his works. You’ll soon be smiling when you discover you’ve seen or heard it before. Just remember that Richard Matheson did it first.

Tom Davies, a freelance game developer, has taken Pac-Man, the cult hit of old and has turned into a game that allows gamers to see the corridors through Pac-Man’s world.

Like Walking Dead? Check out this amazing statistical analysis featuring kill counts and weapon types!

In 2008, one of the best foreign films in recent memory was released and not only redefined the perception of horror but defied boundaries of the nature of love and the capabilities for young actors to capture convincing characters and manage innate but intimate emotion.