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GameStop has now been accused of re-releasing the rare Wii game, “Xenoblade Chronicles” at an inflated pre-owned price of $90. Gamers are now questioning GameStop’s whole used game practice.

Nintendo has been very successful over the years. However, like most successful companies, they have had their fair share of failures as well. Now it looks like Nintendo has another add-on to join their list of flops, the Wii Vitality Sensor.

Ever play games with your buddies and end up getting into arguments, disagreements, or even start using verbal abuse and physical attacks? We’ve compiled a list of our top twelve games that cause rifts between you and your friend.

Hackers are usually considered a bad thing. Or a strange fear left over from 90s hysteria. Hackers are bad, but let’s not start a witch hunt every time we play video games online!

Either way, there are tons of gamers out there that think every great player in an online multiplayer gaming session is a hacker. Well, we beg to differ.

Yes, from the people who brought you the Linux VS Mac VS PC article comes the next step in ridiculous lists. Keep in mind the games chosen for the Killer-App may not be your favorite game, but, nevertheless, they are Read more…