Is Warhammer Online being shut down?

warhammer online closing down servers

How's your server? It got shut down!

It seems no matter how much advertising, effort, or player time that’s put into Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, EA is forced to slowly shut down the servers and push players out. Instead of trying to revamp the game, change the subscription to a free-to-play model, or simply let it be, they want to end it.

While it doesn’t even take a former EA employee who worked on WAR to tell you that the game had some problems, it still deserved a little more time.

Going from an already measly four servers to play on, EA announced that they are planning to shut two of them down (but don’t worry – they are allowing free transfers off those servers). In other words, for a game that is struggling as it is, they are limiting any current or new player to two servers!

Say what you will, but this is surely a sign that EA will shut down the game completely, speeding it’s already heavy momentum to MMO heaven.

Make sure to say hello to Sims Online for us!

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  • kat

    your good at stating the obvious – warhammer is on it’s way out.

  • BLacKDeaTH1492

    EA is known for screwing its playerbase. Look at Earth and Beyond- great space mmo that ONLY after two years they trashed it. It is back now as emu and thriviing to due player demand which is icronic, and its free to play. I imagine Warhammer will do the same. EA and Sony are the last two companies I want owning any game I play.They do not invest hardly any efforts into a project, and prefer to make quick sums of money from the initial impact and subs. When that drops off, the simply shut the doors. Their track record is horrible.