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Age of Conan goes free to play with AoC: Unchained

age of conan wolf mount

Wolf mounts are fun.

Age of Conan is to World of Warcraft kind of like what Game of Thrones is to Lord of the Rings – similar feel and look but much more mature, violent, and adult-oriented on the inside. It is a fun game but not without issues.

Hot off the announcement that World of Warcraft is now free to play up to level 20, as well as the recent addition of Team Fortress 2 to the free game list, everyone’s favorite Hyborian Adventure has now become F2P (with a few restrictions – naturally).

While you can only use certain classes, raid certain dungeons, have a cap on gold and pay more for stuff, the core of the game is (mostly) still there. For those that left the game after playing it for awhile, yes your characters are still saved – but you may need to pay for them to be unlocked.

Here is the official launch trailer of the free-to-play version of the game:

Seems interesting that they announced this around the same time as the WoW reveal, as well as right before the new Conan movie comes out. Make sure to sign-up or login to your old account on Funcom’s website here.

Now get playing (and slaying)!